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8 Eco Friendly Wedding Ideas

When it comes to your wedding planning there are endless options for all the details you need plan. If you focus on making a few eco-friendly decisions you can make a positive difference with your wedding. Here are a few ideas we have found.

1. Favours/Bomboniere

Small potted plants, succulents or herbs all work so well as wedding favours. You can even pop them into recycled glass containers & jars. They also provide a beautiful styling addition to the tables. Just gifting the seeds for guests to take home and plant can also do the trick, choose a flower or plant with a colour you love or something with a special meaning to you.

A popular alternative is to skip the traditional wedding favours and donate to a charity instead. You can leave little notes for your guest with the details, otherwise some charities even provide little badges/ribbons with notes to represent when donations are made – you can leave these for your guests.


Starlight Foundation Favour

The Starlight Children’s Foundation provides personalised cards with a Starlight pin

2. Venue

When selecting a venue do your research. There are a few considerations and some are simple to implement. If you can choose a venue which can hold your ceremony and reception this limits transport needed on the day, it’s more convenient and also more environmentally friendly. Another thing to look out for is how pretty the venue looks when it’s bare, some locations have a natural beauty to them which will require a lot less decor when styling for your wedding. Lastly, depending on if the venue provides catering or not, ask them about the farm-to-table journey. Suppliers, distance and food choices can all affect this.

3. Flowers

This might not be an obvious one but there are definitely choices when it come to your flowers which can make your wedding more eco-friendly. A lot will come down to company you source your flowers from. Ask your florist about the process to find out refrigeration time, in season flowers and again the farm-to-table journey. You can also choose a company that re-uses their arrangements so will pick them up after your wedding. However, our absolute favourite solution has to be using potted plants/flowers for the table arrangements, this means they are not being grown and cut for the one use and they add such a beautiful detail to your table decorations.


Beautiful example from Junebug Weddings

4. Vegetarian and/or free range meat

Another consideration when it comes to catering is adding in a few more vegetarian dishes. (Even go all out vegetarian if you can!) In our experience, when there are canapés served the vegetarian options are always the first to disappear. By having a vegetarian starter, more vegetarian canapés or in anyway just reducing the amount of meat served at your wedding you can make a big difference. You should also ask about the meat source try get free range meat.

5. Invitations

There are a few different ways to be eco-friendly when it comes to your wedding invitations. Using an all digital route or part digital can reduce your paper use and minimise mailings. offers great digital solutions so you can use the platform for your save the dates and invitations in combination with your own personal wedding website to share all the details and get your RSVPs. Alternatively use digital save the dates and when sending your invitations choose a recycled paper and direct your guests to your personal wedding website this means you can reduce the wedding invitation inserts and get your guests to RSVP online, get directions  to your wedding and so much more.


Wedding Deets Website

Wedding Deets Example Displayed in “Laurel” Style

6. Go Local

This is a simple one, go local and cut down on carbon emissions, plus it feels so good to support small local businesses!

7. Double Use items

Double use items can save printing, waste and even table space. Instead of having place cards on the table add guest names to your bonbonniere so they are more personalised and provide the names for seating. When it comes to decor reusing accents or materials doesn’t just save resources but money too! You can also decorate your ceremony space with items that can reused at the reception.

8. Ethical Rings

Another one for a bit of research, ask about the suppliers. There are human rights issues and environmental concerns to be considered.

This article provides some jeweller suggestions but will also help you figure what to look out for when finding your own. 


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