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How to Create your own Wedding Chalkboard Sign

Photo by Long Way Home

Chalkboard signs are a beautiful addition to wedding styling. As a decor piece they can introduce the newlyweds, be a sign for the seating at a ceremony or a notice for your guestbook or hashtag.

You can purchase customised signs for your wedding but we think creating your own is personal, super fun and can save you some money. Now some of you might have a natural talent for this sort of thing and can do freehand lettering that looks gorgeous. We say Go For It! For the rest of us we have added step by step instructions so you can create your design on the computer before finalising it by hand.

Check out some of our favourites we found on pinterest 

What you will need:

  • Access to a computer and a printer
  • A chalkboard (or large black poster board will do as well)
  • Tracing Paper/Graphite Transfer
  • White gel/chalk/paint pens
  • Pen or Pencil
  • Tape

Step 1: Design Your Sign

Use anything you have access to on the computer and whatever you are comfortable with. Trust me, even using Word and some free fonts you can create a great looking sign. See if you can find free fonts to download here that will suit your wedding style.

Depending on how big your end sign will be, and how big you can print you may need to print the words and elements out separately so you can have them life size at the end.

We’re creating a smaller sign for an upcoming Wedding expo here, if yours is large you may need to cut the pieces out to get the layout right.


Step 2: Trace and Transfer

If you have the graphite paper place it face down on your chalkboard, if you have some basic tracing paper you will need to colour the one side in with a pencil and place that facing down. Ensure this will cover your lettering. Place your sign design on top and tape it in place.

Now you can simply take a sharp pencil or a pen and trace over your lettering. Only the outline needs to be done. Once you’ve finished that you can remove all the paper and you should see the outline of your design on your chalkboard. It is starting to come together!


Step 3: Chalk it up

Lastly you follow your outlines to fill in all the chalk. Using actual chalk can get a bit messy and does not show up as strongly, which is why chalk or gel pens are used. Even use a bit of paint if you have bigger areas to fill in.

We used the white gel pen to complete all the outlines first as this kept the lines cleaner, we then filled in larger letters with a chalk pen and the small details using only the gel pen.

Now that you have the hang of this, add any other little flowers or details you like because you can see your design come to life.


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