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Organising A Guest List

Preparing a guest list for your wedding can be a challenge. Here are some tips to help the process go smoothly.

Where To Start

Deciding on the size of your wedding is a good place to start. Factors that influence this are the budget, the venue (if you have one in mind already they will have minimum and maximum numbers) and don’t overlook the style and vibe of the wedding you plan to have. A smaller wedding of 60 guests can be intimate and will be a very different event to that of one with 120 guests.

Organising The List

You will need to start with a method of organising the guest list. Writing it all down on paper can get confusing and lost along the way, some people like to use an excel spreadsheet as this is good to edit as you go. On Wedding Deets you can start with your guest list online right from the beginning, update it as you go, group guests for partners, family and plus ones, update details and remove guests. Once you’ve sent out your invites your Wedding Deets guest list will be ready for RSVP management. Either you or your partner (or parents) can login at any time to see the latest guest list and RSVPs.

A Work In Progress

The guest list will evolve a lot and you should include A and B list options. On your first draft we suggest to add everyone you might like to invite. This will give you a good idea of where you are at with numbers and if you need to trim it down or if you can even add a few more. More often than not, this process will involve the wedding couple as well as parents or family.


Avoid Last Minute or Unexpected Additions

If you send RSVP cards you might find people squeezing on plus ones you’ve never met or uninvited children. It is best to include names for all guests invited and have a deadline to avoid late RSVP’s. With Wedding Deets you can list all invited family and children and close the RSVP after a certain date. That way you will at least need to be contacted if anyone would like to make a last minute change to their RSVP status.

Visit our Support pages if you need any help setting up your guest list on Wedding Deets.

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