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Planning A Destination Wedding

A destination wedding is such a beautiful experience for you and your guests. You may have chosen a location because of family, a personal meaning to you as a couple or perhaps purely for the exotic destination value.  There are pros and cons and the planning journey is a very different one.

We thought we would share some tips, thoughts and some ideas for your wedding away.

Giving up a bit of control

Whether you have friends/family, a planner or just organising over the phone and email, there is no doubt about it, you will be a happier person if you can give up a bit of control. A destination wedding after all is going to be an amazing adventure. Ideally you can try visit the location during the planning process, however for a lot of couples this is just not possible and that is totally okay too! Technology is pretty great and can fill this gap quite well, not only can you research thoroughly online but you can Skype, FaceTime, Email and more to keep in touch with your planner and/or vendors.

More planning for everyone

Whilst you have a lot more angles to consider while planning your wedding you need to think about your guests as well. Most destination weddings will mean a lot, if not all guests are travelling too, in which case they need to plan as well. Having a wedding website to include all necessary details and having it up as early as possible really is the best way to help. This will mean more of your friends and family can make the wedding and share in the adventure.

Using means you can send out your Save the Dates with a link to your personal website. This can include accommodation suggestions, location maps, destination activities and more.  You can update is as you go with your planning and keep your guests in the loop so they can book their trip in too.


Welcome Bags

This is not a must have but is really fun as well as helpful. In your welcome bag you can leave a letter to your guests, add contact details, a location map, nearby restaurants or sights and any fun destination/theme items.

Research the Legal

Depending on the country you reside in and the country you are choosing to get married in, there can be a complicated legal side to it. You can choose to complete the legal side of the marriage in your home country before your destination wedding where the ceremony and reception will be a representation and celebration. If you are wanting to complete the legal requirements as part of your destination wedding you will need to ensure you can meet the local requirements.

Consider Local Weather

Research what the climate is at the time of your wedding. This can affect your dress choice as well as the venue and planning for indoor/outdoor elements and events. The average temperature and rainy seasons can make a huge impact on your planning.


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